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The batc streaming site is now operational; it is running from its own hardware located on a commercial site

This has been an expensive investment funded by sponsors to avoid a drain on the club resources.

The reason we have our own hardware is to avoid repeating Ustream and Camstream, and increasing the delay they already produce. If cross repeater working is to be successful then this delay must be kept to a minimum.

To this end we invite you to stream your repeater via our site. There is no charge involved and there is no reason why you cannot stream to other sites if you wish, but it is our hope that all UK repeater groups will support the club and use us as their primary streaming provider. Our site will be the place to view repeaters with a minimum of delay, because they are streaming directly to us. If your streaming is being repeated on another site, then this can continue we will provide the necessary link.

It is also not just about repeater streaming, we have an archive of interesting programme's and more will be added soon.

The site also streams live events, and has already streamed the Sheffield’s Microwave weekend, and several AMSAT the Colloquiums which if you missed is available on the film Archive.

Please let your local group know about this event, so they can watch!

Please consider streaming your repeater from our site, contact

BATC Chairman

Data Protection Act

On the 1st March 2000 the Data Protection Act 1998 took effect. The registration scheme established by the 1984 Act has been  replaced by a process called notification.

Under the 1998 Act there are exemptions from notification one of these being a 'Not for profit Organisation.' It has been determined that the  BATC falls under this category and therefore a 'I do not Intend to Notify' form has been returned to the Data Protection Notification  department.

However the BATC will continue to treat the personal data it keeps in strict confidence and the records kept are only used for Membership  records and mailing of CQ-TV Magazine. Your data will not been given to third parties and is only available to the Club's Committee.

Along these lines I do occasionally receive requests from one member requiring the address of another. It has always been Club policy and will  continue to be that even in these circumstances I do not give out this information. I am however quite happy to pass on any letter sent to me  for forwarding onto another member so contact can be made.