Tandberg/Alteia NDS Standard RX manual

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Tandberg/Alteia NDS Standard RX manual

Postby G8ISI » Wed Feb 17, 2016 11:33 am

Tandberg/Alteia NDS Standard RX M2/PSR/942

A pdf or link for the manual for this was mentioned last year. Does anyone still have this, please?

Many thanks.

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Re: Tandberg/Alteia NDS Standard RX manual

Postby Arkon99 » Tue Mar 22, 2016 4:56 pm

Hey Francis,

Ummm. I have the paper Instruction Manual for the NTL3000 (original name), options M2/PSR/BAS2 etc. Can't find a /942 ??

This is Issue 3 rev 2 of the Instruction Manual (User Manual), not a service manual. date on the cover says 1999, and has an NDS logo on it.

100 pages - ish.

Somewhere I have a spare IR remote for the receiver too !!

Arkon99 (the misunderstood).

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Re: Tandberg/Alteia NDS Standard RX manual

Postby g8gtz » Tue Mar 29, 2016 8:32 am


I have put the Alteia user manual in to the new BATC wiki along with a few other NDS system 3000 manuals.

https://wiki.batc.tv/BATC_Wiki#Ex_comme ... nt_manuals

The BATC wiki will be released in CQ-TV this month but to quote:

"The BATC wiki is as our reference library where we can all put documents and information we think others may be interested in – so if someone asks you by email or on the BATC forum “have you got a circuit for xyz then, as long as there is no copyright issue, you put it in to the reference library or wiki so everyone can see it.

Does it replace the forum / website? - No, the forum is the place to discuss things and the website is the first landing place for new comers and is used for official information such as the constitution. If the Wiki is the library, then the forum is the coffee shop and the website is the shop window!

The Wiki is primarily designed to store pictures and documents (pdfs) of interest to the ATV community but we will also be using as the place to find software from CQ-TV projects and also back issues of CQ-TV.

Got a scan of a rare equipment manual that others may be interested in, want to start a reference library for all articles on RB-TV or found a load of interesting web links for ATVers – just start a new topic and put it on the wiki....

As well as information of interest to the whole ATV community, we will use the wiki to put BATC specific information such as instructions on how to rest your password, how to stream to batc.tv, how to renew your membership etc and how to use the shop.

Anyone can use the wiki, you don’t have to be a BATC member to read the articles and download the information - we see it as a resource for the worldwide ATV community, but we are currently limiting the ability to edit the content and upload new information to BATC members.

This is your site - any information which you feel is of use to others can be put on the Wiki but please observe any copyright restrictions on your material you use."

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Re: Tandberg/Alteia NDS Standard RX manual

Postby G8ISI » Mon Apr 04, 2016 5:49 pm

Many thanks for putting that up - it's just what I needed. Navigating the menus is a nightmare without it!

Sorry, but I think the 3000 is a little too old to help - thanks anyway.


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