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Whether it is watching live video from the International Space Station, developing high speed data links to carry digital TV signals, helping produce programs for live streaming, building pre-amps and high power amplifiers for the microwave bands or restoring vintage cameras and outside broadcast vans, the world of Amateur Television (ATV) has something to interest everyone!

Amateur Television is a fascinating area of Amateur Radio covering all aspects of video production, editing, transmission and reception of Television and has always been at the fore front of the technology revolution. Many stations are now transmitting Digital pictures (DATV) using the DVB broadcast standards and using video streaming technologies to exchange pictures with ATV operators around the world.

If you are new to ATV, take a look at the getting started section of the BATC wiki 

For details on the BATC Portsdown digital transmitter project see these pages on the BATC wiki 

If you are interested in television,why not join us?  The British Amateur Television Club (BATC) actively promotes our hobby of Amateur Television and covers all aspects of Television from making and editing programmes to transmitting television on the amateur radio bands.

The club provides the following for its members:

The BATC is the largest such specialist organization in the world with 15% of our members living outside the UK and is run by its members for its members on a voluntary basis.

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