ATV Activity

GW3NWR/P During an Activity Weekend

Activity Weekends

The BATC organises and co-ordinates a number of activity days for ATV operators throughout the year.   The latest information along with information on stations who might be active  can be found on the BATC Forum

The aim of activity weekends is to provide a focus for ATV Activity.  Any activity – home station or portable – is welcomed.

Upcoming Activity Weekend and Contest Dates:

00:01 UTC 22nd December – 23:59 UTC 1st January 2019: Repeater activity contest
More details:

1200 UTC 12 January 2019 – 1800 UTC 13 January 2019: ATV Activity Weekend
1200 UTC 9 February 2019 – 1800 UTC 10 February 2019: ATV Activity Weekend
1200 UTC 9 March 2019 – 1800 UTC 10 March 2019: High Band ATV Activity Weekend – special focus on 5665MHz and above with awards for leading stations on 5.6Ghz
1200 UTC 6 April 2019 – 1800 UTC 7 April 2019 – ATV Activity Weekend
1200 UTC 4 May 2019 – 1800 UTC 5 May 2019 – ATV Activity Weekend

1200 UTC 8 June 2019 – 1800 UTC 9 June 2019 – IARU International ATV Contest


Every June we encourage BATC Members to take part in the IARU International ATV Contest.  The latest Rules for the International ATV Contest can be downloaded here (.pdf).  More information can be found here ; please keep the dates clear in your diary.

The UK results of the 2018 contest can be found here

The Contest Manager can be contacted on

UK ATV DX records

A list of historical and current ATV DX records can be found at the BATC wiki on this page