Bursary fund

BATC has in the past occasionally supported ATV related projects with a grant of funding.  In order to continue to stimulate the ideas and initiatives for our hobby, the BATC committee has decided to introduce the BATC Bursary award – this will enable grants of money to be given to individuals and groups who are initiating projects to benefit the ATV community in their local area, nationally or internationally.

The ideas below give some guidance on the types of projects that might attract funding.

  • Pump priming for development projects to fund things such as development tools / hardware, prototype PCBs manufacturer and s/w license costs.
  • One off funding for repeater groups – this can be used for whatever the group needs but should be towards one off costs such as rebuilds or legal fees. We will not accept applications to fund ongoing annual fees such as site rent and electricity costs.
  • ATV infrastructure – a typical example could be the Es’hail-2 ground station project which BATC has committed to build.
  • Funding for Dxpeditions with an ATV interest.
  • Outreach support for ATV groups and funding for demo kit and sponsoring Radio Clubs to buy ATV equipment for use by their members.

Applications, who must be BATC members, should fill in this form on the BATC website describing the project, the amount required, the reasons why it should attract BATC funding and how it will benefit the ATV community.  The applicants should be prepared to have a telephone call with committee members to provide more details and answer any questions before the application is considered.  A condition of the award will be to submit an article to CQ-TV detailing the project and its success or failure.

Whilst the grant application can be made at any point in the project, funding will only be paid out retrospectively upon receipt of proof of the expenditure and on completion of agreed milestones or complete project.   Note it should not be assumed that just because the application has been made, that funding will be granted.

Each case will be considered by the committee whose decision will be final and a unanimous committee vote will be required to attract funding.

The maximum amount per application is £500 but this can be increased up to £1000 at Committee discretion for exceptional projects of national or international significance.