Update Membership


New members

Welcome – we hope you enjoy your BATC membership.

We’re afraid that if you have just paid by cheque or BACS you will not be able to buy things in the shop (apart from another membership, but please do not do that!) or download CQ-TV until your payment has be received by BATC.  You will receive an email when this happens and you will then need to log in to gain access to all the member facilities.    Please note your membership expiry date will be shown as 00:00:00 until payment is approved.

Membership Renewals

You can renew your existing membership up to 14 days before your renewal date by going to the BATC shop and choosing “BATC Memberships” – note this option is NOT available in the shop until 14 days before your membership expires.  And we will send you an email to remind you that your membership needs renewing.

If your membership has already expired you can still renew it for up to one year by going to the BATC shop and choosing “BATC Memberships”.  After 1 year, all your data will be removed from the system and you will have to buy a new membership to rejoin BATC.